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3 Easy Flirting Tips For Women When Online Dating

One of the biggest challenges women often share with me, is they don’t know how to flirt when they’re online dating. A great place to start is through your online dating profile.

WRITTEN BY Carmelia Ray | Guest Writer | Jan 16 2018

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A well written, carefully crafted online dating profile will make a huge difference to increase the quantity and quality of single men who decide to “click” to learn more about you. Here are 3 easy flirting tips you can start using right away to attract and keep your guy’s attention.

1. Compliment him

Did I say compliment him? Yes! Men love and appreciate compliments as much as you do. We’re not the only ones who love feeling special and desired. Men absolutely love it when they think, YOU think he’s hot. I’m not saying you turn all Neanderthal on him and start to make overtly sexual comments and type sweet nothings into his inbox. I mean to really point out the things you really like about his profile, his looks or anything about him where you can acknowledge something special. Here are some examples. “I love your style. I don’t often find men who match their shirt, sock and eye colour. That’s pretty impressive.” “You’re like Macgyver! Wow, is it ever refreshing to meet someone who matches my zest for adventure.” “I love that you’re so involved in charitable activities. I really appreciate the fact even though you have a demanding career, you make time to give back to your community. Those are qualities I really admire.”

2. Laugh at his humour

I truly love conversations where LOL is included in every other sentence. Having a sense of humour and being able to banter back with a guy is super sexy and always keeps the conversation going. I know we are talking about online dating, and using humour in your conversation is a great strategy to being flirty. If he’s saying something witty, you can always throw in a compliment also combined with something funny. “OMG, I love your sense of humour. I’ve heard laughing is as good for you as having an orgasm! I think I just had one. lol” O.K, so that's a little over the top, and you can gauge the proper amount of humour to use based on your dialogue.

3. Challenge or tease him

Whenever there’s an opportunity for a man to step up to a challenge or “prove” himself as worthy and capable, it brings out a lot of his masculine traits. A strategy for flirting is to place your conversation to a point where you’re playing “damsel in distress.” Maybe you could ask him a question about what would he do if you were dating and there was a spider in the room and you hate spiders. You could ask him questions that challenge him too such as “What would you do if you were lost in the woods with only a compass, pocket knife and a lighter?” You get to listen to how he would “man up” and handle himself like a real man. Teasing a man involves knowing more about his likes and dislikes and being playful with him in an intentionally nice way. Men don’t like being teased in order to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Carmelia Ray

TV Host, Matchmaker & Online Dating Coach

Carmelia Ray is an internationally acclaimed matchmaker for high achieving men and the quality women they’re searching for. She’s also a renowned TV personality from Mom Vs. Matchmaker, The Real Housewives Of Toronto, and A User’s Guide to Cheating Death (Fall 2018).