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3 Effortless Ways To Woo Him On A First Date

What Makes a First Date Successful? A second Date Within 48 Hours ;-) No Pressure! Here are 3 Super Ninja Dating Secrets to Woo Him Instantly!

WRITTEN BY Michelle G | Guest Writer | Feb 15 2018

Romantic First Date with man and woman drinking coffee

So, how do you charm him without coming across as desperate or clingy to get that second date on the calendar?

A Genuine Compliment

Offer him a sincere, non-patronizing compliment and he will definitely pay attention to you. There’s nothing wrong with stroking your date’s ego with a sweet compliment from the heart. Compliments are very powerful because it’s been said that as long as we’re breathing, we need encouragement, and compliments do just that… compliments are like these little droplets of awesomeness, powerful enough to change the entire mood of the evening and the direction of your night out with Mr. Tonight.

Not sure what to compliment him on? Sure, you can spotlight his looks. That always works. But, if you want to explore the limits of your woo repertoire, here are some ideas to spice it up:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE HIS EFFORTS: Did he do anything special (even if teeny tiny) to make you feel more welcomed and comfortable throughout the date? Vocalize it… let him know! If you haven’t figured it by now, men are definitely NOT mind readers.
  • COMPLIMENT SIMILARITIES IN TASTE: Do you both have the same taste in music or food? If so, use this 1st date as an opportunity to suggest that you both explore your mutual interests further in a different setting where you can go even deeper into that experience together.

Get Your Flirt On

60% of human communication is expressed through body language and nonverbal messaging… 60% !!! That’s more than half. That means that what you don’t say ACTUALLY holds more weight (and even more value) than what comes out through your lips… and that’s when flirting comes in. If you’re not comfortable with flirting (or have never tried it before), simple techniques like flipping your hair and tilting your neck to show off your neck are powerful moves you can practice in the mirror to woo your date before showing off your non-verbal chops during your date.

If he doesn’t respond right away to your flirting, be patient! Research shows that for a man to recognize you’re interested in him, it typically takes flirting with him three to four times before he gets the hint. Trust me!

Don't Go Empty Handed

In some cultures, it’s considered good manners to show up with a gift anytime you’re invited to a party. The reason? It makes a great impression and it’s also a nice touch to leave your “dent in the universe” ...basically, gifts communicate that you care; you’re well trained, polite and can be invited back.

The same is true for first dates. If you’re really into this person, bring them a small gift. It will help to tip the scales in your favor for when it counts.

Your gift can be something really simple. For example, if you’re a woman, you can bring a man a sweet treat like jellybeans, cookies or a handmade surprise to lift the mood. Remember, the idea is to show you’re a thoughtful person that cares for more than just yourself. Your date will be mesmerized and will get a taste of your caring nature from the very beginning.

Next Steps…

While these are easy and simple tips to implement, none of this matters unless you do it with confidence.

Confidence is a complete turn on for both men and women… It’s a timeless quality. When you’re confident, it shows that you appreciate who YOU are and what you bring to the table. Plus, your natural charm will come through, which makes you more attractive.

With these wooing tips above, you’re bringing back some old fashion golden nuggets and using it in modern dating times. Now go out and crush that first date…Have fun!

Michelle G

Michelle G

Online Dating Expert and Certified Matchmaker

Michelle G., CRS® is an Online Dating Expert and Certified Matchmaker with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology. Michelle and her team are passionate about helping singles find their plus one online. Follow @Ms.Michelle.G on Instagram and @AskMichelleG on Twitter. Sign up here for weekly dating tips and trends delivered right to your inbox.