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5 Dating Tips for Gay Men in Toronto

Bust out of that same old routine! Just because you're on the LGBTQ spectrum, doesn't mean you should be confined to Toronto's Gay Village! With a little thought and planning, you can have a gay old time across the GTA!

WRITTEN BY Patrick David | Guest Writer | Feb 01 2018

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Freshen Things Up

If you usually go to Church Street for a weekend date, consider finding an event, a restaurant or a bar on the Westside, like The Beaver. If you feel like the world ends at Bathurst, go check out a hilarious drag show at Woody's on Church Street or take a stroll through Leslieville. If you usually go to a bar, try a date that centres around an activity or being outside.

Be a Stalker

I know that there is a negative connotation to “stalking” someone online before meeting them, but come on, it just makes sense! It’s a great way to see what he’s interested in and to find out what you might have in common. Would you go to a job interview without doing a little research on the company first? However, if you’ve never met and his profile isn’t public, don’t send a friend request. If things don’t work out, you don’t want to be stuck with someone’s feed that you don’t care about, or worse yet, having to decide if you should “un-friend” someone.

Allow for (good) Conversation

It’s true, we’ve lost the art of conversation. I love a loud, drunken gay bar as much as the next guy, but if the point of dating is to get to know someone, it’s best to choose somewhere that talking and listing without a bunch of distractions is possible… especially for first dates. If your dating practice is to find a potential partner, don’t forget to ask questions that matter to you. So, while noticing that the daddy across from you is super-handsome, wondering what his d looks like or imagining what it will be like to kiss him, don’t forget to get to know him! Less talking and more Listening… and for God sakes, put your phone away… you can do it!

DO Something and Embrace the Season

The weather in Toronto can be extreme, but love it or hate it, here we are. So, try to embrace it! It's especially hard for me as I wouldn’t care if I never saw snow again and tend to hibernate in the winter, but these are valuable boyfriend finding months! Think about places and activities that lend themselves specifically to what time of year it is. In the winter you can check out the Harbourfront Centre’s ice skating DJ series or go to the Christmas market in the Distillery. When it’s raining in the Spring, find a documentary film playing for the Hot Docs festival. Summer is all about the beach; check out Hanlan’s Point (who doesn’t like to see naked hula-hoopers?). For the Fall, layer up and take in the colours of the season… last year my boyfriend and I went to the Scarborough Bluffs and were blown away by how beautiful it was there.

Check out the City of Toronto's Festivals & Events Page for more.

Be Flexible (get your mind out of the gutter) and Be Kind

We all want to put our best foot forward, and sometimes that involves planning. While thoughtful date planning goes a long way, don’t be afraid to let it all go and just wander. Walk around, popping into shops and galleries, and chat about what you’re both seeing and experiencing in real time. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, your response to the unexpected is enormous. It’s super attractive when someone can go with the flow and have fun anywhere. Do you know what else is hot? Being kind. In this culture where everyone is a celebrity in their mind, being open, courteous and polite feels fresh and turns heads for the right reason.

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Patrick David

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