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3 Out-Of-Box Ideas To Make Your 1st Date Stand Out

If your romance track record shows a list of first dates that don't make it to a second date then perhaps it's time to change up your dating game. First things, first. Keep in mind that a first date can be anything you want it to be.

WRITTEN BY Michelle G | Guest Writer | Jan 16 2018

Couple Cooking

It’s a familiar story – and it usually goes like this:

You meet someone new and interesting and the two of you decide to go out on a date. You really want to make a great impression, so you spare nothing to look your best for this very special occasion.

After all your hard work and preparation, the two of you link up - only to go to a coffee shop or possibly dinner.

During the date, you spend what…maybe an hour trying to break the ice with this person.

Judging and being judged!

By the end of it all, you’re not impressed with them. And, they may or may not be impressed with you either. All because you did something VERY average that left little room for the two of you to be at your best.

Welcome to the set-up of pretty much most first dates…

Where nervousness runs high and creativity is low.

Don’t you just hate it?

We don’t feel as great as we thought we should’ve after those dates. So, I’m here to tell you to it’s time for a change!

There’s plenty out there to do that’s much more fun and exciting that will help the two of you really get to know each other.

And if you’re willing to think different, I’m going to share some ideas with you now.


What You Need To Know First

First things, first. Keep in mind that a first date can be anything you want it to be. Ideally, it should be something that matches your interest, or their interest. If you can do something that matches both of your interest, that’s even better.

Now that you understand that, here are some great first date ideas to get the wheels in your head turning:

#1 – Enjoy a Wine and Painting Class: Wine and painting classes are a breath of fresh air if you want to do something creative. No need to worry about whether you’re Picasso or not. This isn’t about that. This is about being able to engage with the other person, laugh, make jokes, and possibly be impressed (in case one of you is really good). The wine is an added bonus that helps calms the nerves and makes the whole thing more fun.

#2 – Take a Cooking Class: Anything that requires you to be active, instead of passive is a great date night choice. With cooking classes, you’re not sitting and waiting for someone to bring you dinner. You get to engage in world-class instruction as you work together as a team to prepare something awesome that the two of you get to eat once it’s done! Plus, enjoying the food you just made makes for great conversation.

#3 – Visit a Local Attraction: Funny thing about local attractions is that local people are usually the last to partake in them. It’s almost always visitors who get to experience them. That helps make going to a local attraction a wonderful choice for a first date. Think local museums, landmarks, or seasonal attractions. Even if you’ve been there before, this is a great way to experience it again.

Any of these 3 date night ideas will get you out of the same coffee shop or happy hour rut. You’ll get a chance to get to know each other better with higher chances of a second date. Try one of these next time and let me know how it goes!

Michelle G

Michelle G

Online Dating Expert and Certified Matchmaker

Michelle G., CRS® is an Online Dating Expert and Certified Matchmaker with a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology. Michelle and her team are passionate about helping singles find their plus one online. Follow @Ms.Michelle.G on Instagram and @AskMichelleG on Twitter. Sign up here for weekly dating tips and trends delivered right to your inbox.