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“Single on a Monday” Date Night in Toronto’s Church & Wellesley Gay Village

Routinely, the weekend is the most popular time to schedule a “date night,” no matter the destination. Monday nights on Church Street offer the opportunity to party like it’s Fri-yay! It's gay dating at its finest!

WRITTEN BY Joey Viola | Guest Writer | Jan 18 2018


Whether it’s dinner and a movie or a night on the town at a music hall/dance club, the weekend is a time for singles to forget about the work week and put their mojo in high gear. Friday and Saturday nights become a playground for thousands of singles all across the GTA, but what about those who work on the weekends or just want to try something different during the week? Is there anything to do besides the basic “Netflix & Chill?!”

With varied work schedules exceeding the standard nine-to-five, Toronto’s Church & Wellesley Village offers something for everyone, even on a Monday night. The start of the work week in the Village is known as “Industry Night” - a nickname for a Monday evening catered to LGBTQ+ people working in nightlife, service industries, shift work, or just have the night off. If you generally work on the weekends or just want to venture out for the evening, Monday nights on Church Street offer the opportunity to party like it’s Fri-yay! It's gay dating at its finest!

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Start your sultry weeknight at “Shady Bingo,” hosted by Toronto’s hilariously offensive (in all the right ways) Drag Queen, Barbie Jo Bontemps. Bingo runs from 8 - 11 PM every Monday night inside The Drink, a unique and newly-renovated event space located upstairs at 459 Church Street. The swanky coffee shop/social club promises all the best drinks (both hot and cold) while “Shady Bingo” offers outrageous commentary (“O 69!”), fun and sexy prizes (from free appetizers and event tickets to the more scandalous like flavoured lube and sex toys), and free popcorn. Who doesn’t want free popcorn?!

First dates are trying, but if you and your date are hitting it off - perhaps you’ve won a prize or two and you’re not ready to call it a night after Dirty Bingo wraps up - walk a few doors down together to Flash Nightclub (463 Church Street). The regularly all-male strip club transforms into an all-inclusive dance party (Twinks, Bears, Muscle Jocks, Femmes, Daddies, Lesbians, etc) from 11 PM - 2:30 AM, aptly titled “FML Mondays.” This is an event brought to you by MoJo Toronto and is in its seventh year running. FML showcases some of the city’s best talent featuring rotating DJ’s, vibrant hosts and MC’s, and a “Drag Show Extravaganza” at 12:30 AM. Unless your carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight: entrance to FML is free, drink specials run all night long, and the vibe is sure to get you and your date feelin’ yourselves. Perhaps even each other! Just be sure to carry your I.D. as it’s a 19+ event.

Chase your “Case of the Mondays” away on this weeknight date in Toronto’s Church & Wellesley Village!

Joey Viola

Cofounder Mojo Toronto

Joey Viola is the Co-Founder of MoJo Toronto and an LGBTQ community leader who utilizes his passion and flair for the art of writing by bringing a fresh perspective in reviewing entertainment and advocating for equality, tolerance and socio-political justice.